Two minor children crossing the Border illegally were apprehended by the BSF and handed over to the BGB as a goodwill gesture


Tirthankar Mukharjee, Nadia : On October 23, 2021, alert troops of Border Out Post Jhorpara 8 Battalion apprehended two Bangladeshi minor children while trying to cross the Border illegally in the Border area of ​​district Nadia West Bengal.

On 23 October, 2021 at about 0300 am, the troops noticed suspicious movement of some persons along the Border road. When the troops chased them, one of them managed to escape taking advantage of the darkness while two minor children were apprehended by the troops.

On preliminary questioning they were identified as Saathidhar daughter of Animesh Dhar, age 16 years and Dhar son of Animesh Dhar, age – 13 years, both are resident of village – Bhojania, Post – Kalinagar, PS – Terracotta, District – Khulna, Bangladesh.

The apprehended children told that their parents had come to India through passport before the lockdown in 2020 for the treatment of their mother who had a heart ailment. After that both of them came to India illegally with the help of touts and started living with their parents at their uncle Ashok Dhar’s house which is in village -Mazhergram, PO- Ghorai, PS- Gopalnagar, District- Nadia, West Bengal.

After treatment their parents went back to Bangladesh on proper visa/ passports whereas they stayed at their uncle’s house. Today both of them were on their way back to their home for which their father, with the help of their uncle, had arranged to bring them back to Bangladesh by paying money to an unknown tout.

Both the minor children have been handed over to the BGB as a goodwill gesture.

A BSF spokesperson stated that the Border Security Force is taking strict steps to check illegal movement along the Indo-Bangladesh Border. He further stated that illegal movement will not be allowed on the international Border at any cost.


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