Showing bravery, BSF jawans seized Phensedyl in an encounter with a large number of attacking smugglers


Tirthankar Mukharjee , Malda : On 24 June, 2021, under the 78 Battalion, Border Security Force, seized 145 Phensedyl bottles in the Border Out Post Shobhapur. These Phensedyl bottles were being smuggled from India to Bangladesh from the area of ​​​​Border Out Post Shobhapur, 78 Battalion, Malda district.

In the midnight of 24 June, 2021 at around 1245 hrs, around 20 smugglers tried to smuggle Phensedyl bottles by hiding in the Sarkanda (a type of tall grass) field from Shobhapur village. More than 20 smugglers were also standing across the border(Bangladesh Side). Smugglers who came from India were trying to forcibly carry out this smuggling. All the smugglers were armed with sticks, iron rods, high-beem torches and incendiaries. But the jawans posted on the border foiled the plans of the smugglers.

In this action a jawan was attacked with sticks by the smugglers. Due to which the jawan fell down, then another smuggler tried to attack the fallen jawan with a dah (sharp weapon). The comrade of the jawan posted on the border, in self-defense of himself and his companion and in the security of the international border, fired one round in the air so that the smugglers could run away.

But in spite of this, the smugglers continued the encounter with the BSF jawans. On this, the second jawan fired another round in the safety of his companion and his life and property, due to which the smugglers fled immediately.

No evidence has been found of anyone being shot at the scene. If the BSF jawan would have not fired in self-defense, then there could have been loss of life and property of the BSF jawans.

After a thorough search of the area 145 bottles of recovered from the spot.Whose price in the market is Rs 27064/-.

The incident has been reported to the Police Station Vaishnavnagar and the seized Phensedyl will be deposited at the police station. FIR is being lidged about the incident so that action can be taken against the attacking smugglers.


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