BSF with the help of villagers apprehended two Indian smugglers along with Phensidyl bottles


Tirthankar Mukharjee,Murshidabad : On October 23, 2021, at around 0020 pm, the BSF received information that two Indian smugglers were trying to cross Phensedyl bottles from the International Boundary. Having good relations with the BSF, the villagers caught both the smugglers on the banks of the Padma river and handed them over to the smugglers on troops arrival. During the search, 99 bottles of Phensedyl were recovered from the apprehended smugglers.

One of the apprehended smugglers was identified as Man Mandal, 18 years, Father-Manoranjan Mandal, village- Mahadevpur (Murshidabad) and the other as Aurobindo Mandal, 32 years, Father- Nagen Mandal, village- Shivpur (Murshidabad). They further told that they were given these Phensedyl bottles by Sattan Mandal village- Harudanga, which were to be given further to Babu Sheikh, resident Uttarcharamjadar for which they were going to get 1000 rupees. The market price of these bottles was estimated to be around Rs. 18,340/-.

On the other hand, the second incident took place on the night of 22 October, 2021 in the area of ​​Border Outpost DMC, 35 Battalion when the troops foiled the smugglers’ plan before they could be executed their attempt of smuggling of drugs.

As soon as the troop on duty observed the movement, they cordoned off the area and launched a search operation. Seeing the troops coming towards them, the smugglers fled away taking advantage of the bushes and darkness. After a thorough search of the area, 850 grams of intoxicants powder was seized.

Both the apprehended smugglers and the seized material have been handed over to the concerned police station for further legal action.

The PRO of South Bengal Frontier stated that our troops are fully committed to stop any kind of smuggling in the area. Apprehension of smugglers and seizure of the drugs are the result of the vigilance of the troops.Our troops are making efforts to completely check the smuggling activities on the border.


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