BSF apprehended three Bangladeshi nationals along with Broker who were employees in Trippur, Tamil Nadu


Tirthankar Mukharjee, Kolkata : The Border Security Force troops under the South Bengal Frontier apprehended an Indian Broker along with three Bangladeshi nationals on Saturday night in the Border area of ​​Nadia district, West Bengal.They were caught while trying to cross the International Boundary from India to Bangladesh. They revealed their identity as below:

I) Mohammad Alam, age 23 years, s/o Hanif Bapari, Village – Kularga, Thana – Hijla, District – Barisal, Bangladesh.
ii) Mohammad Suman, age 27 years, s/o- Mohammad Jinnah, village- Kastogar, PS- Kalkini, district- Madaripur, Bangladesh.
iii) Monoyara, Age 36 years, w/o – Israfil Sheikh, Village – Naboran, Thana – Sarsa, District – Jessore, Bangladesh,
iv) Chandan Mandal, Age 38 years, s/o – Chittaranjan Mandal, Village – Gajna, Thana – Hanskhali, District – Nadia, West Bengal.

In a statement issued by the Border Security Force, it was stated that on July 03, 2021, the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit of the Border Security Force received information about three to four people crossing the border from the area of ​​​​Border Out Post Mahendra ( Distt Nadia). A special ambush was laid in the Mango Orchard near Nemopad village.

Around 2230 hrs, the jawans saw an auto rickshaw approaching, which was stopped by troops for identification, and on enquiry, none of the three passengers and the driver were able to give a satisfactory answers. They were brought to the Border Out Post Mahendra for further investigation. 200 Bangladeshis living illegally and working in Trippur’s mill

On further enquiry, Mohd. Alam and Mohd. Suman revealed that they are residents of Bangladesh, and had come to India illegally six months ago, and the Royal Classic Mills Ltd., in Trippur town, Tamil Nadu (Unit vii, 2/360A) , Classic Garden, Periandi Palayam, Pin 641687), whose identity card(Mill ID card) was with both of them. He further revealed that approximate 200 Bangladeshi nationals are working illegally in that clothes mill, and three to four more Clothes Mills are there in Trippur, in which almost all the workers are Bangladeshi nationals.


All of them have come to India illegally. Apprehended Bangladeshi revealed that all the documents related to their Indian fake identity have been made under the arrangements of Mill. They further revealed that today they were going back to Bangladesh with the help of Indian broker Sagar Biswas and his associates Moynul, Mominur and Chandan Mandal. They have also been given Sagar Biswas Rs 18000/- to cross the border.

Monoira revealed that she had come to India two years ago and used to work as a maid in Kalyan, Mumbai. And today with the help of Indian broker Sagar Biswas was going back to Bangladesh, for which she has also given 3000/- to Sagar Biswas.
Indian man Chandan revealed that for the past two years he, along with Sagar Biswas, a resident of village Taraknagar, aused to pick up and take away cross-border commuters in his auto rickshaw, for which he gets Rs 400 a round. He further revealed that Sagar Biswas has been involved in cross-border crimes for a long time, and many times the police have arrested Sagar Biswas.

The arrested people were handed over to the police station Hanskhali for further legal action.

Shri B Madhusudan Rao, Commanding Officer of the 08 Battalion stated that the Border Security Force is taking strict measures to prevent infiltration along the Indo-Bangladesh border. Consequently, infiltrators and touts are being arrested. Many important revelations are being made in the interrogation. On the basis of which it is helping in taking strict action against the people and touts who come illegally in the interior areas of the country.


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