BSF apprehended four Bangladeshi nationals, Pregnant wife with her Husband handed over to Border Guard Bangladesh as a gesture of humanity and goodwill


Tirthankar Mukharjee, Nadia : On the morning of August 15, 2021, the Border Security Force under the South Bengal Frontier apprehended four Bangladeshi nationals on the border while illegally entering the Indian territory, in which two (father and daughter) Bangladeshi nationals identified as Kamal Biswas, age 40 years, father’s name as Buddimati Biswas, village- Kalia, Thana- Kalia, District Narel, Bangladesh along with his 18-year-old daughter Litu.

The same other two other Bangladeshi nationals(Husband and Wife) were identified as Ganesh Rai, age 25 years, father’s name Kalidan Rai, and Ganesh Rai’s wife Anjali Rai (19), residing in village Tara Kander, Thana- Kotlipad, District- Gopal Ganj, Bangladesh. At around 0615 am on Sunday morning, the troops of Border Out Post Ramnagar of 08 Battalion of Border Security Force apprehended four Bangladeshi nationals in a special search operation based on the information of Intelligence Branch while they were hiding in banana plantation. They were brought to the Border Out Post Ramnagar for further enquiry.

Illegal route adopted for daughter’s treatment, visa could not be renewed

On enquiry, Kamal Biswas revealed that his daughter has epilepsy. He had come to India with a visa four years ago for treatment of his daughter. Due to non-renewal of his visa because of Corona, he planned to come to India illegally. For this he has given 11000/- BD taka to an unknown Bangladeshi broker.

Ganesh Rai revealed that 20 years ago his father came to India with the whole family and started living in Bangaon. His family moved back to Bangladesh four years ago. In November 2020, he went to Bangladesh to meet his family. And today was coming to India with his pregnant wife Anjali. He had given Rs 26.5 thousand to an unknown broker to cross the border.

The apprehended father and daughter were handed over to the Police Station Hanskhali for further legal proceedings. The same Ganesh Rai and his pregnant wife were handed over to the Border Guard Bangladesh on goodwill and humanitarian grounds.

Sanjay Kumar Singh, 08 Battalion, Commanding Officer stated that the Border Security Force is taking strict steps to prevent infiltration along the Indo-Bangladesh border. Consequently, the persons involved in such crimes are experiencing a lot of difficulty and some of them are being apprehended and punished according to the law, as well as the Bangladeshi people are being given the seriousness of their crime on humanitarian grounds and both the countries.

Due to the mutual goodwill of the Border Security Forces, they are being handed over to the Border Guard Bangladesh. In order to strengthen mutual relations, BGB also hands over innocent civilians to BSF when Indian civilians accidentally went to Bangladesh. The officer stated in clear words that we will not allow infiltration in our area under any circumstances.


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